Third Eye Centre postcard 1983

Welcome to the new Third Lanark Online.  This is a "not for profit" website, for the benefit and enjoyment of all former Hi Hi fans particularly and football fans generally.

Our Aim

The aim of this site is to bring to you the definitive Third Lanark website. You will find the story of the club, including new photographs, and many other pieces of memorabilia.  

We have visitors from all over the world, most recently from Germany, Cyprus, Italy and France not to mention from all over the UK and Ireland.  Do let us know why you're here.  Did a relative play for the Thirds?  You can leave a comment on the new comments page or email us for more information on specific players.  Happy reading.  Hi Hi Hi!


Third Lanark Supporters Club presents

A History of Third Lanark


Bert Bell

25th April 2014

Queens Park Social Club, Lesser Hampden

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Also new

Photographs of the medal Robert Barr won in 1903-04 playing for Thirds in the Glasgow Cup Final.  Not many of these around.  (more in Photos)


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