From Stephen Kelly July 2012

I am a Celtic and Pollok fan and so is my dad. But he has a great knowledge and respect for the Thirds (he went to Holyrood).

I would dearly love to see this club resurrected and to begin again at
In a terrible time for Scottish football it would be amazing to be able to
transcend bigotry and hatred. 
I collect programmes and my most prized one is 3rds v Stirling Albion
'64...Hi-Hi News!
Good luck and thank you from a potential follower.

From Peter McGlinchey June 2012


I have just come across your website and it brought back many fond memories of my time as a Thirds supporter.  I was a ball boy at Cathkin for about 3 years from 1964-67 and never missed a home match during that time. I have several pieces of memorabilia including a season ticket from the late 50s/early 60s, the programme when Thirds played Blackpool to officially celebrate the new pylon floodlights and a scrap book full of newspaper cuttings from about 1958.  

I lived in Myrle park and from my bedroom I could see the Cathcart Road end of the pitch. My party trick whenever I return to Glasgow is to recite the names of the greatest Third Lanark team that I saw play - Robertson, McGillvary, Lewis, Reilly, McCormick, Cunningham, Goodfellow, Hilley, Harley, Gray and McInnes.  

I can, as a ballboy, vividly remeber Joe McInnes nutmegging Eric Caldow before licking his finger and holding it up in the air to check the wind before delivering the perfect cross for Matt Gray to score with one of his fantastic trade mark headers.  I also remember Eric Caldow's response which is not repeatable on a public forum.

Best wishes,
Pete McGlinchey Lifelong Third Lanark fan.

© Alan Bell 2012