If you are an administrator for a website and would like a link please email me.  This is the site of the resurrected Thirds, now an amateur team.

The Away End A seriously good read.  We are ‘The Away End’, a Scottish site dedicated to covering sport.  Has a couple of really good articles about 'Thirds'.

ArabArchive  The unofficial Dundee Utd site covering their statistics and records.  Well written and full of info.  For all things scottish. Article about Thirds written by Mark Godfrey.  Some nice photographs of Cathkin Park. Great site for stats not only for Hearts.  Wonderful site, well worth a look.  Have a look at Thirds strips through the ages, plus of course all the other teams.  All things Reading FC and a nice site worth a look.  Great set of links to all things football.  I especially like the opening paragraph on the first page - written by a true fan.  What a wonderful site about all things Glasgow, well worth a read.

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